Darom Adom

Hey all,

Every year, the Anemone Festival is celebrated in Israel between January and March, in Hebrew it’s called “Darom Adom” (the Red South) thanks to the spectacular endemic red anemones flowering in the Northern Negev.

Recently, I went south in order to catch the beautiful blossom, together with my father and a friend. Shot with Sony Nex 6 and 35 mm F 1.8, and edited in Lightroom.

After long time no posting here, or shooting in general I am very happy with the results. For more pictures visit my FB page  : https://www.facebook.com/Maayans-Art-700665606675202/?view_public_for=700665606675202

Here’s a glimpse of a great photoshoot:


Budapest Part 1: Architecture

Hello all,

Just got back from a short vacation in Budapest, Hungary, with my be loved boyfriend, Rodrigo.

All photos were taken by Sony Nex 6 and were edited in Lightroom (with my signature vivid colors).

Such a beautiful city with unique architecture – which one is your favorite?


DSC09565 DSC09666 DSC09721 DSC09384 DSC09418 DSC09482 DSC09527 DSC09555

Utopia Park

Hey all!

Had a great time this weekend with my friends at “Utopia” park, featuring many types of birds! 

The pictures were taken with my Sony A 55 camera with a macro lens, except the first picture that was taken with a Lensbaby.

Which parrot did you like the most? The white, green or colorful? (Beware of the last one… it bites hard 🙂 )



Myanmar part 6

Hey all!

Today it is all about panoramas which I fell in love in my trip to Myanmar, which has lovely and pastorals landscapes. My Sony camera has an amazing function that makes the process of making panoramas a piece of cake!. The first picture is from Kakku, the last 2 pictures are from Inle lake and the rest are from the beautiful Bagan. My favorite picture from this series is the orange boat with the view of the amazing Inle lake, which is your favorite?


DSC08236 DSC06631 DSC06635 DSC06645 DSC07251 DSC07344 DSC07675

Myanmar part 5

Hey all!

 I love playing with colors and I love them vivid but some pictures deserve to be in BW, so here are my best BW pictures from Myanmar. Which pictures would you like to see in colors? 

Plus: A hint! The next topic starts with the letter ‘p’, so start guessing…


DSC05361 DSC05456 DSC07096 DSC07878 DSC08121 DSC08496


Myanmar part 4

Hey all!

I have so many pictures from my trip to Myanmar! I feel like editing them won’t be over any time soon… Came back home with about 2300~ pictures and now after many hours I have around 800 pictures (SO MUCH WORK!)

These pictures are from another session of directing “mini monks”, the first series is in the first post of Myanmar. I shot with my Sont Nex 6 camera and edited in Lightroom, and as you can see every picture came out different just because I love playing with this great editing program.


DSC07147 DSC07161 DSC07162 DSC07190 DSC07198 DSC07205 DSC07223 DSC07232 DSC07142

Myanmar part 3

Hey all!

Well we had landscapes and directed photoshoots in the last posts… This time the topic is portraits. The people of Myanmar were lovely and I was delighted to take their picture.

As you can see from the quantity of the pictures, this was one of my favorite type of shoots. The sleeping nuns are one of my top favorite, which picture do you think is best? Thank you for you cooperation! 


DSC08742 DSC05666 DSC05837-2 DSC05894 DSC05906 DSC05910 DSC05912 DSC06278 DSC06288 DSC08691

Myanmar part 2

Hey all!

here are more pictures from my trip to Myanmar:

Last week the topic was directed photoshoot of young monks, this week is the different landscapes in Myanmar. 

The Balloons were shot in the sunrise, the lake view and purple tint picture were shot in sunset. What is better; sunrise or sunset?


DSC06816 DSC07058 DSC07280 DSC08013 DSC06759

Myanmar part 1

DSC08150 DSC06854 DSC06945 DSC06971 DSC07038 DSC07056

Hey all!

Recently came back from a long trip to the beautiful Myanmar (Burma), together with my father and a local photographer guide . It was a splendid experience! 14 days and 2300 ~ pictures, now the hard work is to narrow it all down before editing… The first part is a series of directing “Mini monks”, where the local guide was a great help. All the pictures were shot with Sony Nex 6.

Tell me which light you think is better; stripes, candles or the round window.

More to come, hopefully soon! 🙂